Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snapz Happy

Don't you just love the look of candid photos of your guests on your big wedding day? Why not capture them by renting a Photo Booth? Check out Snapz Photo Booth (for brides in the Toronto area) and Snapz Photo Booth (for US brides). I love the fact that you get unlimited photos, a high-res CD of all of the photos, the cost includes a photo attendant to set up and assist your guests, and they have an online gallery of all photos for 90 days afterward. LOVE it!


Chatterberries said...

Thanks for the info, this could be a great suggestion. My friend will be getting married next month, I'll recommend this idea to her.

Corina Van Sluytman said...

Definitely! If she does go with them, we'd love for her to email us some of her guests booth photos for us to all see! :)