Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jasmin & Sean Wedding Pics

Remember Jasmin & Sean's "blingtastic" wedding at Casa Loma in Toronto? We designed silk boxed wedding invitations in lavender with lilac cardstock invite and cards printed with gold raised printing? Well, we finally have their gorgeous wedding photos in our hot little hands - shot by none other than the artists over at 5ive15ifteen.

We designed a custom monogram for them featuring leaves intertwined with scrolling banners, they loved it so much they used it throughout their entire wedding (exactly how a monogram should be used!) This created a seamless and elegant look for their wedding details!

Custom favour tags...
Elegant "tea-length" menu, perfect for tucking into the napkin..

Dramatic ice sculpture bar, how amazing is the lighting?!

Don't forget to put your monogram on the cocktail napkins...it's all about the details.

Table Names are such a great way to add personalization to your table, so much more fun than just a Number. Jasmin and Sean used different names of the cities that they had travelled to together...how romantic! Notice the "bling" inside of the monograms on the Table Name cards!

Seating Chart that is large enough to read but not overpowering...also had a "bling" stone in the monogram....

For more of Jasmin & Sean's beautiful wedding photos, you can check out our Featured Weddings section of our website. Photos will be posted by Friday!

Moving Eye Candy

Soooo sorry for the tardy blog entries (that's an understatement)! However, 'tis wedding season and we are super busy round here lately, which is a good thing. Now I'm going to take some time to catch up with informing you about beautiful wedding things (I have lots up my sleeves)!

Jenny & Leo from Justin Fone on Vimeo.

So to start here is an amazing wedding cinematography company that's based in California - called Justin Fone Productions. His work is amazing, he really captures every detail and any bride would LOVE to have their special day documented by him, he has been featured in Brides magazines and awarded Best Wedding Videographer by The San Francisco Chronicle!